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Diamond Braid International is a Houston Texas based Marine Industrial Supplier company. We are committed to providing the highest quality maritime products at competetive rates. Products such as Karat Maxi Mooring Ropes, 8 Strand Lines, Mooring Links and Shackle, Mooring Tails, Slings, Bridles, Grommets, Braids, Chokers.

We offer high quality customer service throughout the Continental United States, Canada and Mexico and follow-up for all your maritime needs.

  • We offer competetive pricing
  • Great Equipment
  • Expedited Freight Services
  • Maritime Supplies Needs
  • Customer Service Driven

  • Some of the products we supply:
    • KARAT® MAXI TAILS - Mooring Tails, both single leg and endless grommet, to suit all dimensions/grades of steel wire mooring ropes.

    • MOORING LINKS & SHACKLES - Galvanised steel mooring link of compact design typically utilised as connection between wire rope and fibre forerunner. Available in three sizes 90 T, 120 T and 180 T. 300 T can be supplied on special request.

    • KARAT® WINCHLINE - Combines the unique characteristics of the high strength KARAT-fibres with a 6-strand ”wire rope” lay. The outer layer of each strand comprises a special combination of Nylon monofilaments and Nylon multifilaments.

    • STEEL ROPE LINE - Designed for marine applications. This means particular emphasis on corrosion protection, including high zinc weights on the roping wires as well as careful selection of high grade lubricant for mooring application.

    Diamond Braid International, P.O. Box 6540, Kingwood, TX 77325.
    Phone: 888-643-4096, Email: sales@diamondbraidintl.com
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